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Projects Division


We as the project division  is under direct control of professional engineers, with factory trained technical personnel competent to carry out all service and repairs.  We represent some of the worlds leading brands in engineering training equipment, International Trading Infrastructure Development, Project Management and Broad Spectrum of Activities. The main  aim is  to keep up with improvements in technology and enhancement of its services.

We represent principals from Germany and Switzerland in the fields of Electrical, Electronic, Automotive, Civil and Mechanical Engineering and we are the sole agents for G.U.N.T (Germany), Lucas-Nuelle (Germany), and Technolab Sa (Switzerland). Our equipment are already used in well known educational institutes in both private and public sectors in Sri Lanka. 

What we Offer

-Onsite Services
-Training sessions
-Installation and commissioning 

Verification of Stress Hypotheses


Engineering Mechanics and Machine Elements
Strength of Materials

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Gear Trains Apparatus


Engineering Mechanics and Machine Elements
Strength of Materials

Cutaway Model: Worm Gear


Engineering Mechanics and Machine Elements
Fundamentals of Engineering Design

Electromechanical Vibrations Kit


Engineering Mechanics and Machine Elements
Machinery Diagnosis

Pendulum Impact Tester


Engineering Mechanics and Machine Elements
Properties of Materials



 Communication and network

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Video intercom system

EW1 3/4


Assembly exercises for door bell and stairway lighting systems

EW1 1/2


Assembly exercises in building installation technology



Daimler Benz A Class petrol engine with injection

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 Direct fuel injection - TSI VW

Ecoline automotive


Front Axle - Hydraulic Power Steering