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Pressure Pump

The HP45-05 offers outstanding pump performance 
and extra quiet operation all packed in a compact , 
easily installed packages. 

   Motor (kW) Max Total             Total Head metres
                                   9   12 15 18 21    24    27    30
input       output     Capacity in litres/minute
0.77     0.55      33           78  75   72 67 61 55 46 33

Davey Dynaflo 6000 Series


Designed for medium flow applications, Davey Dyanaflo pumps are ideal for such applications as dairy washdown ,spearpoints, small irrigation systems and general water transfer,

Manufactured to the highest standards , Davey Dynaflo pumps provide high capacity , efficient and reliable water supply for applications which demand flows up to 457 litres/min , or heads up to 41 metres.

Dynaflo models are built to last and come complete with performance matched IP56 TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled ) Davey motors. Davey 6200 and 6210 Dynaflo pumps utilise a highly corrosion resistant Noryl pump body.6220 and 6230 Dynaflo models utilise the strength of cast iron to handle even higher pressure duties, with a special internal and external powdercoat finish for added corrosion protection

   Motor (kW)         Max Total                           Total Head metres
Model     input       output      Head(m)              5      10     15     20      25    30      35      40
                               Capacity in litres/minute
6220       3.2          2.4        38.7                356   344   327   309   280   212    115
6230       3.9           3.0           41.2                  457   457   457   454   442  407    323    176

Pressure Tanks


Supercell Pressure Tanks

Davey Supercell Pressure Tanks are designed to provide many years of reliable service. These rovust,hydro pneumatic water pressure vessels are manufactured from the highest quality materials in compliance with the strict requirements of ISO 9001.2000 quality standards.

All models (except Supercell 24HP+ ) are of the captive diaphragm design , and all tanks feature heavy duty butyl diaphragms that comply with international standards for potable water applications, Supercell 24HP+ tanks have replaceable diaphragms with high quality stainless steel closing flanges.

Not only do they look good from the outside but, inside, the tank shell is protected from corrosion by a safe potable grade epoxy coating. For added peace of mind , each tank is individually tested to guarantee its reliability.
These dependable tanks are available in a variety of sizes and in three pressure ratings. They can be used for a variety of accumulator function, such as:
  • Household , farm or industrial pressure systems
  • Hydronic heating system expansion tanks
  • Water hammer arrestor system

Davey XF92


XF Series

The XF Series pumps offer high efficiency and longer operating life .Manufactured to the highest standards from quality tested materials including stainless steel pump shaft , corrosion resistant polycarbonate impellers and IP55 TEFC Motors.
From the XF range of pumps you can choose a pump for such application as :
-General water transfer 
-Hydroponic systems
-Sea water pumping
-Aquaculture applications
-Dairy cooling towers
-Desalinated water

    Motor (kW) Max Total              Total Head metres
                                   3   6  9 12 15    18    21    27
input       output     Capacity in litres/minute
0.84     0.58       28           93   90   87 83 75 64 50 12

D15VA 2


Submersible Pump

Davey offers a wide selection of submersible Sump Pump models to suit commercial , rural and domestic applications.
Davey Sump Pumps are tough suckers, with robust designs for long service life , featuring:
-High grade stainless steel and cast iron construction for long life
-Compliance with Australian and International Electrical Requirements for peace of mind
-In built thermal overload protection to safeguard the motor
-Multiple level shaft seals for more security and endurance



Vertical Multistage Pumps

VM3-8 Series
Vertical mounted in-line multistage centrifugal pumps with all stainless steel hydraulic parts
available from 5 to 20 stages
-Water supply - domestic ,rural & industrial
-Pressure boosting
-Agriculture and farming
-Turf watering and irrigation
-Commercial - high pressure washing 
                     -water treatment
                     -boiler feed

Features & Benefits
-All hydraulic parts,made from stainless steel, for corrosion resistance and longer pump life
-Thick impeller sealing rings between stages ensure insensitivity to thermal expansion
  and eliminates risk of seizing up
-Vertical axis with in-line suction and discharge ports ,enabling easy installation with
  minimum floor space required
-Cast iron pump head providing rigid , motor mounting assembly
-In-built, oversized thrust bearing for longer motor bearing life - no upthrust transferred
  to the motor and enabling easier assembly
-IP55 motor rating for longer life
-Larger shaft diameter minimising deflection
-Tungsten carbide intermediate bearing to control and eliminate vibration and stabilise
  the rotor with a large number of stages
-O-ring case gaskets for ease of disassembly and re-assembly , preventing downtime whilst 
 performing maintenance



Home Pressure Systems

Economical, compact 35lpm domestic pressure system driven by a single stage jet assisted centrifugal pump.

Products specifications
Power Output 0.45kW
Flow Rate 35 lpm
Maximum Pressure 35 m head
Maximum Suction Lift 6 m head
Type of Dwelling Single Storey
Power Supply SinglePhase, 240 Volt AC, 50 Hz

Ideal for small/average size homes, cottages, weekenders
Domestic Water Supply
Pressure Boosting
Automatic Water Transfer

Power Output             0.45kW
Flow Rate              35 lpm
Maximum Pressure     35 m head
Maximum Suction Lift 6 m head
Type of Dwelling         Single Storey
Power Supply          SinglePhase, 240 Volt AC, 50 Hz