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Vibratory Rammers


Four - cycle Vibratory Rammers

-Patented low oil shutoff provides unique technology 
  that protects the  engine.

 When   starting the unit, an electronic capacity sensor detects no oil or low oil and the engine will shut off           within about 10 seconds.

-Purge bulb evacuates air from the fuel line for easy starting.

-Exclusive carburetor compensates fuel/air mixture for optimum performance and extended air filter life.

-A unique three-stage air filtration system provides a virtually dust-free engine for longer life and improved  durability.

-Dedicated 4-cycle crankcase for increased durability and simplified maintenance 

-Unique crankcase breather system and three piece piston oil ring provide for lower oil consumption.

-Ignition and fuel shut off built into the throttle control provides simplified operation and three piece piston oil   ring provide for lower oil consumption.

-Cast aluminum recoil start with oversized durable rope extends life in harsh environments

Vibratory Rollers


-Dual smooth drums with beveled edges compact asphalt and granular materials equally as well for added job versatility.

-Roller features a low oil shutdown for maximum engine protection.

-Guide handle folds for compact storage, and features excellent shock mounting for low vibration to operator.

-Large rubber shock mounts absorb vibration and shock to the upper components, reducing equipment wear    and operator fatigue.

-Unit features easy to operate handle with vibration control for improved operator comfort and convenience.

-Unique clutch/pump drive system provides easy cold weather starting and allows for no-load starting of    engine.

Plate Compactors


- Infinitely variable forward and reverse operation including spot compaction for easy  maneuverability. Ideal      for trenches and over large areas, also for vibrating heavy interlocking paving stones.

-  This low profile unit features standard extension plates providing adjustable operating widths.

-  The ductile iron baseplate is impact and wear resistant ensuring long operating life.

-  A reliable Hatz diesel engine with a low-oil shutdown switch and a maintenance-free alternator without 
    v - belt for increased engine protection.

-  An adjustable guide handle can be moved to a vertical position for operator convenience during tight      turns. An optimum shock mount design reduces handle vibration, operator fatigue and engine wear.

-  A heavy-duty roll cage and lifting eye provide for easy loading and placement into trenches.

Petrol Breakers


-The proven EPA-certified Wacker Neuson 2-cycle engine is specifically designed for tough,   rugged applications and is a powerful, low exhaust emission engine offering long service life.  

-Improved cooling system offers greater operator comfort, safety and service life.

-Large, oversized fuel tank reduced refueling interruptions and provides for long run times.  

- The centrally located grease nipple makes maintenance easy, as it allows the complete        machine to be greased on the job site with a small grease pump.

- The gasoline engine eliminates the need for an external power source offering a high    degree of flexibility for various applications.

Electrical Breaker


- Additional handle integrated in the hood provides flexibility during operation and makes it easier to transport and place the tool with precision.
- Highly impact resistant hood made of reinforced plastic hold up to the most rugged job site  conditions while protecting the tool.
 -Centrally located grease fitting makes maintenance easy; it allows the complete machine to be greased on the job site with a small grease pump.

High Frequency Poker Vibrators


Full performance even under load
Thanks to their high-torque, constant-speed motors, machines of the IREN series deliver outstanding compaction performance in all types of concrete and with any size vibrator head - from the smallest to the largest. Although a long protective hose gives them added flexibility to cope with a wide variety of applications, these powerful and reliable high-frequency internal vibrators are most impressive when working under a load.

-Long-life design: The vibration-proof class H stator windings are wrapped and embedded in synthetic material. They will withstand a short-term load of up to 180 °C (356 °F). The heavy-duty roller bearings are oil-bath lubricated for high performance.

-Overload protection: The thermal circuit breakers prevent the motor from being damaged due to overheating.

-Easiest maintenance: The vibrator head can be replaced without the need for special tools.

-Specialists: The IREN 30 is the smallest internal vibrator in the IREN series. This model has a small-diameter vibratory head that makes it ideal for compacting concrete in narrow, confined spaces. And despite its lightweight design, it delivers outstanding compaction results.

Power trowels


 -Patented dynamically balanced trowels (when blades are turning) offer nearly effortless operation and maximum control at all speeds with all types of blades including float pans.

 - Different engine options, ranging from 4.8 to 9 hp, and handle type can be selected to meet individual preferences and job site conditions.

  -Variable speeds: Low speeds for floating, high speeds for burnishing.
 - Blade pitch up to 30° for better concrete burnishing.

Mechanical Poker Vibrators


Mechanical Poker Vibrators

Tracked and Wheeled Excavator


- Uncompromising economic efficiency! With innovations for optimal lifting force 
- Reliable operation! With proven quality from excavator specialist. 
- Your needs in focus! With a complete selection of products and services. 

Wheel Loaders


Narrow construction sites do not pose a barrier with the compact genius among wheeled loaders.
These models convince with their ration in small size and great performance, as well as reduced operating costs through optimum power to weight ratio. 
- Compact dimensions in width and height  
- Safety and time savings thanks to an undivided chassis 
- Spacious and ergonomic comfort cab 
- More flexibility through a 3rd control circuit for hydraulically activated attachments 
- Optional power flow performance hydraulics 90I 
- Hydraulically activated quick-hitch system and parallel-controlled loading system 

Telescopic Wheel Loaders


The Telescopic wheel loader is your best choice if you need to be more flexible.
With the telescopic boom the reach and lift height is increased easily;
supported by the right attachment your daily work will be a child’s play. The best – all this without loss in performance.

Low curb weight

High fuel efficiency thanks to optimally balanced system components and intelligent engine and hydraulics management 

Few fuel intensive drive components when in operation, reduced consumption thanks to the maneuverability offered by the four-wheel steering 

Time savings on service and maintenance.  



First-class performance, sophisticated technology: With the rollers in these weight
classes, you can move safely everywhere – even in confined areas. 

Maneuverable, compact roller models for first-class compaction in road and
highway construction 

Front and rare drum, each with two vibration levels 

First-class compaction quality due to the large drum diameter combined with a
low machine center of gravity 

High level of tipping safety thanks to the low work platform and the articulated pendulum joint 

Clutch Type Concrete Mixer


Clutch Type Concrete Mixer 

Concrete Mixer Weigh Batche


Concrete Mixer Weigh Batche

Hand Feed Concrete Mixer


Hand Feed Concrete Mixer

Hydraulic Concrete Mixer


Hydraulic Concrete Mixer

Reversible Drum Mixer


Reversible Drum Mixer



Material Lifting Hoists



Material Lifting Hoists



Material Lifting Hoists



Material Lifting Hoists



Material Lifting Hoists



Material Lifting Hoists



Material Lifting Hoists



Material Lifting Hoists

Asphalt / Concrete Cutters


Asphalt / Concrete Cutters

Bar Benders


Bar Benders

Bar Cutters


Bar Cutters

Screw Air Compressors


Screw Air Compressors

Concrete Batching Plant


Minimum Aggregate loading height 

Robust structure with corrugated bins

Large mixer platform for ease of maintenance

Added safety with double wire rope for skip
Control cabin included in standard scope 

Drive through design for increased productivity 

Special configuration for ice dosing and Micro silica dosing 

The skip hoist or belt arrangement option for mixer loading 

Modular design providing flexibility to adopt to different layout requirements
Designed for ready-mix producers, contractors, precast manufacturers and special applications. 

Mobile Concrete Batching Plants


Planetary mixer for homogeneous and economical mixing 

Concrete discharge to concrete pump hopper – suitable for captive projects 

Equipped with PLC & Touchscreen Based control system 

No foundations required – SKID mount on PCC 

Minimum Installation and shifting time 

Output of 0.35 m3 compacted concrete batch size 

Aggregated loading height 3.6m only 

Separate water and cement weighing of aggregates and transfer to mixer 

Trailer Mounted Line Pumps


New futuristic look with latest design
Completely redesigned with many operation friendly features 

Substantial noise reduction 

Low operation cost 

Powerful agitator 

Vary reliable equipment with long routing maintenance intervals
Compact design and least towing length 

Safe water-cleaning system 

Hard-faced wear parts for longer life

Variable concrete output, from minimum to maximum 

Uninterrupted operations even if electrical system malfunctions 

Lower number of strokes 

Innovative flap straight design with cleaning port 

Largest core pump in this class with 200 mm diameter concrete cylinder
Pump regulator protects the hydraulic system from over-heating & engine from 

Truck Mounted Line Pumps – MOLI


Low Operation cost 

Powerful agitator 

Lower number of strokes 

Safe water-cleaning system 

Hard-faced wear parts for longer life
Compact Design and least towing length 

Innovative flap straight design with cleaning socket
Uninterrupted continuous operations even if electrical system malfunctions 

Concrete Boom Pump


Front diagonal outrigger 

Real swing outrigger 

Closed loop hydraulic system 

Tungsten carbide wear parts 

Cable remote control and cable 

Cover for Hopper 

Support pad for outrigger